Highlights from Showcase 2021

Breakout Sessions

Amanda Thornton headshotLearning Leadership Through Improv

Presented by Amanda Thornton, Senior Information Processing Consultant, Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison
In this session, participants learned and practiced improvisational skills through active participation in exercises, games, and skits to help tackle difficult leadership situations. These skills can be applied in a variety of settings by both formal and informal leaders.

Kelvin Alfaro headshotTransforming Challenges into Strengths

Presented by Kelvin Alfaro, Internal Consultant, Office of Strategic Consulting, UW-Madison
This workshop urged participants to recognize clues within their personal challenges that help point to their purposes. It also taught them to identify ways in which some of their biggest challenges can be turned into personal assets, strengthening them and their work. Finally, given COVID and the polarized political landscape of our country, it taught empathy and pro-social behavior as people come to understand that they are not the only ones with challenges, and that even those who seem to have it all together can face extreme difficulty in life. Activities included a video presentation, personal reflection, partner work, and large group sharing.

John Nagler headshotHow to Boost Your Productivity and Security Posture – Making Passwords Work for You

Presented by John Nagler, Cyber Security Risk Analyst, Office of Cyber Security, DoIT, UW-Madison
This session offered tips and tricks for getting started with a password manager, allowing for quicker work and better collaboration.‏‏‎

Nick Tincher headshotATP: Building and Inspiring Successful Change

Presented by Nick Tincher, ATP Program Director, UW-Madison
Change is on the horizon for administrative staff at the University of Wisconsin: The Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) is progressing with its work to reimagine HR, Finance, and Research Administration operations across the UW System. Participants left this session with a deeper understanding of the what, why, and how of ATP’s mission to revitalize administrative processes and policies Systemwide. ATP leadership shared how the program is taking a holistic approach to create a culture of change readiness and adaptability through the ATP Ambassador Program. Participants had an opportunity to share their perceptions, hopes, fears, and ask questions related to ATP and change strategy.

Badger Analytics: Modern Data Warehousing at UW-Madison

Presented by Cathy Lloyd, Chief Data Officer, UW-Madison
This session explored UW-Madison’s new cloud analytics environment branded Badger Analytics. The modern system will eventually replace InfoAccess and will use the latest in cloud analytics technology to deliver a broad set of cross-functional institutional data domains including student, finance, space, HR, Salesforce CRM, and more. Attendees heard from project leaders as well as partners around campus who are among the first to experience the expanded capabilities of Badger Analytics. Participants learned how this modern cloud environment is enhancing opportunities for institutional data analysis around campus and potential opportunities for getting involved.

Binnu Hill headshotImpact of Race in the Workplace

Presented by Binnu Palta Hill, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Wisconsin School of Business, UW-Madison
This session explored the history of race and its impact on our social and political institutions. Through an examination of racism and colorism beginning 5,000 years ago, attendees discussed racial socialization, a process that provides meaning to our racial identity in the broader societal context. Attendees also discussed how organizations and individuals can address issues related to race and racism in constructive ways to help move us all forward.

Robin Fisher headshotJuggling Meeting Software

Presented by Robin Fisher, Academic Services Specialist, Department of Theater and Drama, UW-Madison
Attendees learned the basics of Zoom, MS Teams, and WebEx, including how to create ad-hoc and scheduled meetings. Participants learned about some fun extra features available and had a chance to try creating a meeting.

Jamie GutkowskiLeading a Team through Culture Change

Presented by Jamie Gutkowski, Assistant Director-Web Platforms/Services, DoIT, UW-Madison
The Division of Information Technology’s Web Platforms/Services team was formed in February 2019 as part of a reorganization. The goal was to bring together staff that support similar services to increase organizational agility, improve operational efficiency, and reduce barriers to collaboration. What does that journey look like when team members were previously part of four different departments? This talk explored the critical role that culture played in achieving goals. Participants engaged with topics such as feedback loops, empowerment, building trust, and considerations when merging teams and cultures.

Tami Bradham headshotTena Madison headshotStop. Drop. Think. Avoiding Solution Jumping that Inhibits Sustained Improvements

Presented by Tamala Bradham, Process Improvement Manager, Office of Strategic Consulting and Tena Madison, Internal Consultant, Office of Strategic Consulting, UW-Madison
Solution jumping is a phenomenon that describes providing an answer before truly understanding the problem. The impulse for solution jumping is very prevalent in our fast-paced, complex world. Often, however, our decision-makers only consider one possibility with a failure rate for these decisions being more than half. The tendency to jump in and decide a course of action may be appropriate for urgent, low stakes, reversible problems but using the same decision-making approach in addressing a highly complex problem with long-term impact may not be the best course of action. To improve our chances for success, we need to better understand the problem and avoid solution jumping. This session shared a three-step strategy, stop, drop, and think, to improve our probability of achieving successful outcomes and sustain improvement.

End the Meeting Madness

Presented by Deb Gurke, Internal Consultant, Office of Strategic Consulting, UW-Madison
Tired of attending meetings that seem to go nowhere? In this session, attendees learned about meeting intentions, group agreements, and agendas that will help end the meeting madness.